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Google Maps Itineraries

We always get asked for recommendations from our travels so we've decided to bring them all together in one place.

This is not a detailed blog but merely a guide to give you some ideas when visiting the places that we have. We do this by saving the spots we want to go to on Google Maps as we use this to navigate while we are travelling/exploring new places. You can import our itineraries straight into your google maps by simply:

1. Click the link in our respective posts below for your destination. This will open Google Maps and show you all the spots we have visited and recommend.

2. Select 'Follow' to save the itinerary and you will see all of the points show on your google maps hovering over the destination.

3. Select the three lines beside the search bar and go to 'Your Places', then 'Saved'. You will then see the itinerary saved in 'Lists you follow' to access any time.